The internet is a magical place that is continuously evolving. I like to stay up to date about new developments on the all the different aspects of the web, therefore I read a variety of reports about it. Over the years I built a list of these resources. I like to share them with you in this blogpost. Let me know if you are missing one!


HTTP Archive
HTTP Archive has a variety of reports including: State of the Web, State of JavaScript, Loading Speed and more.

Web Almanac (yearly)
HTTP Archive’s annual state of the web report

Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey
Examines all aspects of the developer experience from career satisfaction and job search to education and opinions on open source software.

W3Techs - World Wide Web Technology Surveys
Provides information about the usage of various types of technologies on the web.

Github The State of the Octoverse
Analyzes data from millions of developers and repositories to share trends across working habits, productivity, and overall career satisfaction.

Thoughtworks: Technology Radar
An opinionated guide to technology frontiers.

JetBrains: The State of Developer Ecosystem
Annual report containing latest trends in the tech industry, as well as interesting facts about tools, technologies, programming languages, and many other facets of the programming world.

CNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape
Gives you a good overview of the current cloud native landscape.

The State of European Tech

State of CSS
Helps to identify current and upcoming trends in CSS.

State of JS
Helps to identify current and upcoming trends in JavaScript.

JavaScript Rising Starts
Annual round-up of the JavaScript landscape.

State of Laravel
Attempt to gain insights into the representation of the diverse technologies and behaviors of the Laravel community.