As a developer it is important to keep your knowledge up to date. There are many ways to do this and listening to podcasts is one of them. Surprisingly to me there are a lot of podcasts that you can choose from which can be a bit overwhelming. Where should you start?

You can find many recommended lists of podcasts but some of them are outdated. That is why I decided to share some interesting podcasts that I have discovered and which I found value. So without further ado here are the podcasts I recommend:

Developer podcasts

Three devs and a maybe
Weekly(ish) podcast on all things software development

Full Stack Radio
A podcast for developers interested in building great software products.

Developer Tea
Developer Tea is a podcast for web and software developers hosted by a developer that you can listen to in less than 10 minutes.

PHP podcasts

PHP Roundtable
The PHP Roundtable is a casual gathering of developers discussing topics that PHP nerds care about. The podcast is broadcast live on YouTube from a Google Hangout On-Air.

PHP Town Hall
A podcast for developers who want to keep up to date with the latest random happenings in the PHP community

Voices of the ElePHPant
Interviews with the people that are making the PHP community special.

Sound of Symfony
The unofficial Symfony podcast

The Laravel Podcast
The Laravel Podcast brings you Laravel and PHP development news and discussion

Front-end development podcasts

Javascript Jabber
JavaScript Jabber is a weekly discussion about JavaScript, front-end development, community, careers, and frameworks.

ShopTalk show
A podcast about front end web design, development and UX.

For freelancers or aspiring freelancers

Freelancers’ show
Discusses the challenges that freelancers face. The panel includes technology freelancers and entrepreneurs with many years of experience.

And there’s more

For even more podcasts check out: